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Billy Idol "Happy Holidays" 1. Frosty the Snowman 2. Silver Bells 3. Happy Holiday 4. Merry Christmas Baby 5. White Christmas 6. Here Comes Santa Claus 7. God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen 8. Santa Claus Is Back In Town 9. Let it Snow 10. Winter Wonderland 11. Run Rudolph Run 12. Blue Christmas 13. Jingle Bell Rock 14. Christmas Love 15. Oh Christmas Tree 16. Silent Night 17. Auld Lang Syne

When punk was discovered thirty years ago, William Broad was already a part of the legendary Bromley contingent that followed the Sex Pistols at every step of their career, causing scandal and wreaking havoc. Apart from acting really vulgar when on TV, smashing concert halls and pushing themselves to excess, these punks (the word means: dirt, scum) had little more to offer. Billy Idol however, surprised everyone and during the 80's the charts were saturated with his somehow punky rock songs. Wider audiences discovered the potential of rebellion and no one but the blond guy with the sneering lip, was capable of doing this in such an audience-friendly way. With “Rebel Yell”, “White Wedding” & “Cradle Of Love” Idol was the leader in this alternative rock sound.

That's why it may sound strange that he of all people, the outrageous rocker with the shock of blond hair & rocker attitude, would act like a Christmas fan and place “musically” some milk and cookies in front of Santa. But despite his scandalous & eventful life, Billy Idol has still become a Jingle-Bell guru. In the booklet of his new CD “Happy Holiday” he writes that he has always had to take care of the music when he is with his family, so it's only logical that he recorded a CD for that special day. Because truly, this man knows how to party! So this year we exchange the old Bing Crosby for Billy Idol, let Santa drive a Harley – Rudolph and others can stay inside the stable, decorate the tree with sparkplugs and spice up the punch with hard liquor... because this Christmas will be anything other than calm. Happy Holidays to all!

20.10.08 14:59
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